Sun, Apr 20, 2014
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CAKE NATION 04   CAKE NATION reaches out to the community in times of need. #821be3
The Cake Nation Store - Merchandise and More The Cake Store has T-shirts, hats and other clothing, as well as artwork and other merchandise.
CAKE NATION 02   Cake Boy, Inc. was started in 2010 with the purpose of being party promoters and giving back to the community. Three years later, Cake Boy, Inc. has become CAKE NATION and continues to support community development, networking, and the growth of our city.
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CAKE NATION (formerly Cakeboy & Cakegirl) is the culmination of three years of work in promtions, networking and community service. We are a company that is growing stronger every day. CAKE NATION, in cooperation with various organizations, continues to work on a variety of community service projects.

Take a moment to browse our updated website and see for yourself. CAKE NATION is moving forward into the future!



If you enjoy a great party, exciting people and new experiences, then CAKE NATION may be a perfect fit for your lifestyle!

Get FREE access to all CAKE NATION events

Meet all types of friends and singles in a comfortable and safe environment

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CAKE NATION is totally committed to giving back in our community. We are looking for others who share our passion for helping others year-round.

Provide hands-on assistance in your community

Network and share experiences with other community volunteers

Assist in creating and developing company-sponsored charity events

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CAKE NATION is a perfect fit for those who are committed to being active and involved in various activities.

Network with hundreds of professional peers, business owners and entrepreneurs

Enjoy complimentary, catered events and seminars

Promote your career or business interests with the strongest promotional team in Ohio

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